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Lupe Fiasco Plans Protest Against His Label

Posted By on September 21, 2010

     Lupe Fiasco apparently has had enough and is planning to protest his record company. Planning a public rally outside Atlantic Records New York City building in October, Lupe announced his plans on his blog.

     "2 months ago the WeWantLasers Petition was started and over 28k people signed it so far but the only reaction we got from Atlantic Records was a tweet saying "Lasers is coming" and that's not enough! If you think the petition would be the only thing we'd be doing to get this album released – you're wrong! On October 15th, Lupe Fiasco fans will gather in New York City to protest in front of the Atlantic Records Headquarters! So if you're in New York or close – be there! Wear the Lasers Uniform and bring picket signs! – If you have friends in New York – tell them about it! And for all people who aren't able to be there, spread the word online! (Twitter / Facebook, Blogs etc.) or if there's an Atlantic Records building in your city, you can go there, too."


Lupe Fiasco – Moved By "Laser" Outcry