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Lupe Explains His Protest Against His Label

Posted By on September 22, 2010

     As we reported yesterday, Lupe Fiasco is planning a protest against his current label, Atlantic Records. According to one of the main protestors "SeanTheRobot," the ultimate goal of the protest is to pressure the label into releasing Lupe Fiasco's long-awaited and put off "Lasers" album.

     "We've been waiting so long for this album, and Atlantic Records has been holding it back for such a long time without releasing any info about it, that now it's just time to do something and to go out on the streets and to protest," Sean said in an interview. "Everyone can sit behind a PC and sign an online petition…That's probably not really impressing anyone at the label; but having people going out on the streets, protesting for something they believe in, that's a much bigger statement."


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