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Lupe Puts Final Album On Hold To Be CEO

Posted By on October 6, 2008

    It seems like Lupe Fiasco is focussed on the opposite of most artists, that is being not in the spotlight. Lupe has already announced that his next album, LupEND, will be his last, now he is saying that it's on hold. Lupe wants to focus on the artists he has signed to his label 1st & 15th. "Matthew Santos, Sarah Green — I'm actually working on putting their records together, so I won't start working on my album until next year" he told MTV. [watch here]

     "I gotta be CEO. It's my company, so I got to step back, because if I start doing my stuff and their stuff, I'd be like, 'Yo, why don't you come do this hook? Why don't you give me that song?' So I'm just trying not to be selfish." Lupe says he helps his artists by giving them experience, "I actually take them out on tour with me, let them perform, let them open up for me," he said. "Everything I do, I bring all my artists to do it. So I don't even give them advice as much as put them in an arena where it works, where it's real time. It's them, and they get a chance to see it in real life, and they take from it what they need." [watch here]

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