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Lupe Fiasco Talks #Occupy Movement (Video)

Posted By on November 4, 2011

     Lupe Fiasco recently spoke about all the #Occupy movements around the country. Calling everyone involved in the protests leaders, Lupe said..

“I think it’s leadership spread out. It’s not leadership focused on one person or one place or on one group. Everyone down there is a leader. I think that’s why it’s so alien or foreign to the common person or someone who’s not really affiliated with the movement, is that it’s a movement that actually shuns leaders, that doesn’t really want a leader"

     Lupe went on to explain the purpose of the movement, adding that the protests are sparking conversation on a national level.

“I think what people get confused about Occupy – and this is just from me going to the many encampments around the country and promoting and supporting and what have you – is that it’s more a conversation. Everyone has the same amount of points in that sense because everybody has a point. Everybody has an idea, everybody has a perspective on the world, and Occupy and the different encampments and the Gas and different stuff like that is the opportunity for people to come down and share their opinions and share their points. That doesn’t necessarily facilitate or need a leader, other than someone to facilitate to make sure that it goes smoothly. But beyond that, it’s basic organization things as far as having a leader. The leader is Occupy. It is the movement as a whole.”

Lupe Fiasco – Talks #Occupy Movement