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Mac Miller And Rostrum Records End Business Relationship

Posted By on January 15, 2014

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has done tremendous things with his independent label and management company, Rostrum Records, since signing with them in 2010. Miller has sold records that people on major labels can’t even sell, making the Forbes list of hip-hop top earners. Even though Mac has had all his success with Rostrum Records, their business relationship has come to an end.

 Rostrum Records and Mac Miller made an announcement to MTV News that they were parting ways when Mac’s contract ends with the label. Both sides say the split is mutual and there isn’t any animosity towards each other.

 “Rostrum is my family. That is forever,” Miller said in the statement. “No matter what, we will always work together. We moved mountains and I can only see them continuing that tradition. I am grateful for everything I learned and am always here for whatever.”

Rostrum Records Founder and President Benjy Grinberg told MTV News that the label is really happy with the success the two parties have had through the years and they will continue supporting Mac no matter what.

“Mac is an incredible artist and has a bright career ahead of him,” Rostrum Records Founder and President Benjy Grinberg said in the statement. “We are proud of the historic run that we had together and we will continue to support him in any way that is needed. We wish him nothing but the best in the future.”