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Mac Miller Provides Brief Update in the Alleged Settlement in Lord Finesse Law Suit

Posted By on January 17, 2013

The hot exclusive hit the wire when Paul Arnold made the announcement that a settlement had been reached in the $10 million lawsuit between Lord Finesse and Mac Miller. The Law stems from an alleged copyright infringement by Mac Miller concerning his 2010 release “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza” Which was laid on top of legendary producer’s Lord Finesse’s 1995 “Hip 2 Da Game”. Finesse claims that the song was performed publicly and distributed without his consent.

Mac Miller said that he could not really discuss the details of the settlement outside of saying that an agreement had been reached. The amount of the settlement has not been disclosed.

“I’m actually legally not allowed to say anything about what happened,” said Mac. “Other than that it’s been resolved and we didn’t go to [trial].”

However, Miller did make sure to include a statement that iterated his belief that he did not believe that he had done anything wrong.

“If that was really a problem, people would be getting sued left and right,” he added.

The settlement was the result of a settlement conference. A settlement conference is a mandatory mediation conference that is ordered by a trial judge. In this instance Federal District Judge Fred Baer ordered the settlement conference on

December 06, 2012. Upon reaching a settlement, Judge Baer issued a “gag order”, meaning that the only one that knows the details of the settlement outside of the two parties is Judge Baer himself.