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Mac Miller Reveals That Criticism Of Debut Album Drove Him to Drug Addiction

Posted By on January 28, 2013

Mac Miller’s debut project made quite the splash when it dropped. Blue Side Park became the first album that was independently distributed to hit the top of the charts since 1995. There was no shortage of success, but Miller learned quickly that success always comes with its own set of challenges. The Rostrum Record Rapper, like so many in this industry, found that he was not prepared for the criticism that comes even for those that are successful. He says that the excessively harsh criticism drove him to turn to drugs.

While doing and interview with Complex.com for an online cover story, the rapper spoke up about his struggle with the drug promethazine, known on the streets as “lean”.

Mac, while on his Macadelic tour that hit a number of college campuses, said reviews that that branded him a “frat rapper” pushed him into the arena of drug abuse. His perception was that critics weren’t focusing on his music but instead was blasting him as a person.

“A lot of the reviews were more on me as a person,” he said. “To be honest, that was even worse. You’re 19, you’re so excited to put out your first album, you put it out—and no one has any respect for you or for what you did.”

Dealing with criticism was not the only thing Miller has had to deal with; he was sued by Lord Finesse for copyright infringement and settled out of court, by forced arbitration, for an undisclosed amount of money.