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Machine Gun Kelly Disses Fader, Talks About Notorious B.I.G.’s Influence

Posted By on March 19, 2013

Recently, an apparently angry Machine Gun Kelly called in to talk with DJ Whoo Kid in order to express his displeasure and frustration. It seems that the majority of Kelly’s frustration was directed at Fader Magazine. According to Kelly, he believes that the magazine has black listed him and banned him from their magazine.

“Fader Magazine can suck my dick,” he said, angry that the magazine has never put him on the cover. “They’ve never bigged me up. Those little hipster fucks banned me from their magazine. Fuck them. And their covers suck anyway. They put the weakest…Man, I can’t believe I had the audacity to want to be in that magazine at some point in my life.”

The Bad Boy rapper also talked about the influence of Biggie Smalls on his career.

“I was into Tupac first,” he revealed. “I got into B.I.G. late. B.I.G. was someone I got into during high school. When I got into him, though, I really got into him. ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ was one of my favorite tracks he ever did. Matter of fact, “Sky’s the Limit” is my favorite. I remember I used to run away from my dad’s house. Sometimes my dad would kick me out. I would just play “Sky’s the Limit” and it just made me feel okay all the time.”

At current, the rapper is preparing to release “Black Flag”, a mixtape project which is scheduled to be release near the end of April.

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