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Machine Gun Kelly Talks Possible Eminem Collab

Posted By on January 14, 2013

During a recent interview, Bad Boy/Interscope Records Recording Artist MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) discussed a possible collaboration with Eminem. During an interview with Montreality, the rapper said he that it would be great to do a collaboration with Eminem and he would want it to be a dark song, much in the same way of the collaboration he did with DMX.

“If an MGK and Eminem song ever comes out, that will be the day that everybody fucks with me. That would be so crazy,” he said. “It’ll be like a darker song. It’ll be like how me and X did. I did the type of song you’d want to hear DMX do. I knew what the fans wanted to hear. They don’t want to hear DMX motivating motherfuckers. They want to hear that motherfucker speak that dark shit. Same with Em. I’d bring the old Eminem out that I like.”

MGK also shared his favorite Eminem LP and single. He said he would love to see Em perform some more of the older darker things.

“Favorite Eminem album is The Eminem Show. Favorite Eminem song? Probably ‘Till I Collapse.’ So good, dude. Why does he never perform that song? What’s going on with him? Perform that. It’s so good.”

It is MGK’s perception that the public would rather hear Eminem push the envelope and people’s consciousness than the positive feel good type of music. Whether this collaboration will ever come to fruition is yet to be seen.

  • tq

    I don’t know about this guy man. Doesn’t seem right with me… doubt they will ever collab.

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  • I doubt it too…*rolls eyes* @ Machine Gun Kelly….

  • Yan

    I hope Em don’t easy on your ass, we want him relentless, and MGK on point that shit will be fire!

  • Paul

    fuck mgk he is a fag

  • Paul

    he aint shit all about the west coast fuck all you east coast rappers fuck bad boy and mgk can go suck a dick