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Mase Reveals The Time He Wanted To Fight J. Cole

Posted By on February 8, 2014

Former Bad Boy Records rapper Ma$e recently caught up with Detroit’s 107.5 FM and talked about diss records, then and now. He also touched one a time when he want dot fight rapper J. Cole after he felt dissed on one of Cole’s records.

“I like J. Cole too when he’s not taking shots at me,” he said when asked about newer artists he enjoys. “I saw him one day, I was going to hit him but I was too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out. But I really like him as an artist. When I saw him I was like, ‘Oh he a kid, he don’t get it [laughs].”

Mase went on to also touch on the possibility of a Harlem World reunion.

“I did speak to Jim [Jones], we supposed to be working together, that’s really dope,” Ma$e said when asked about the last time he spoke with any members of Dipset. “And me and [Cam’ron] going to work together at some point. It’s all love.”


Video interview below: