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Rapper Ma$e Accused Of Living Double Life?

Posted By on March 27, 2014

It is no surprise that rapper Ma$e has been a pastor for quite some time now and the former Bad Boy Records star is getting major backlash from worshipers at his church as reports claim they are accusing the rapper of living a double life.

According to reports, the worshipers at Mason Betha’s are accusing Ma$e of investing the same amount of time in the studio as in the church.

 “Some of the worshipers tell TMZ … they believe Mase is living a double life, spending as much time in the studio with hardcore rappers as in the church. And they say his messages from the pulpit drip in hypocrisy, because what he raps about is exactly the opposite. One of the things that set parishioners off … the TMZ story that Mase — who built both his church and his fortune on his marriage — secretly filed for divorce in January and then withdrew the legal docs a few weeks later.” (TMZ)

Reports also claim Ma$e could be hit with some financial issues over the situation.

 “Some of the parishioners tell us Mase has been going on and on about the virtues of marriage even after the TMZ post, never addressing his own failures … and they’re fed up. There’s talk now about refusing to fund the church … that’s how bad things have become. And something new to piss off worshipers … Mase is featured on a new song — “Tricky Situation” — about a man who brags about banging a woman who’s already engaged.“ (TMZ)

  • ursocalledgod

    come on now sheep! yall couldnt see this shit coming? well i guess thats why theyre called SHEEP. smh