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Mase Being Sued For Stealing Model’s Photo To Promote Song

Posted By on April 18, 2014

Rapper Ma$e might be paying some big bucks as reports claim the former Bad Boy Records affiliate is being sued by a model who says he used a photo of her for cover art for song without permission.

According to reports, Stephanie Delado is taking legal action against Mase.

 “Mase’s return to rap is off to a rough start — he’s getting sued over his comeback song by a model who claims he jacked her photo to promote his song. According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Stephanie Delgado (who goes by Stephanie Rao for modeling) claims Mase lifted the photo straight from her Instagram page and used it to promote his new song, “Why Can’t We.” (TMZ)

The model is trying to sue Mase for $200,000 in damages.

“Rao says no one ever contacted her asking for permission to use the photo … which she says ended up being used on more than 40 different sites to promote the song. Rao is seeking royalties in the amount of $60,000 and damages in the amount of $180,000. In the perfect world, Rao would’ve added … “Take that, take that ” — but she didn’t.” (TMZ)

Listen to Mase Ft. Her – “Why Can WeHERE.

  • Wow! It doesn’t surprise me as we live in a world where you can sue for anything.

  • Rob

    Once you put an image on the internet that is the end all be all you no longer have control of said image. Anyone can use it, edit, print & sell it. When you join social media sites you agree to these terms and conditions. The only way around this is if it was published. Since it was from Instagram it is open season on her pictures. She will lose this case it’s just a money grab. If she was smart she wouldn’t sue she would use it to get more work it’s free advertising. If this song turns into a hit it would have opened more doors for someone with no talent to make money.