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Mase Talks About His Return To Music

Posted By on June 30, 2009

    After a new remix of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" [listen here] hit the net yesterday featuring non-other than Mase, rumors started that the rapper slash pastor was coming back to the music game. Mase called into DJ Self's radio show and said his return was inspired by the death of Michael Jackson. [listen here] "I'm just excited man," Mase said in an interview. "I'm excited. Mike passed away, it just lit the fire up under me, made me wanna go to the studio and do something. So I asked my little nephew, 'Who is the hottest thing out there?' He said Drake and I said I got to see what record he got and when I listened to it I said 'Okay, I'ma jump on the joint.'" [listen here]
went on to give shout outs to his long time affiliates. "And I called Suge up and he was like, 'Please let me get that record, please let me get that record.' So I said 'Who you gonna give it to?' And he said you gotta give that to DJ Self. [laughs] If you play it, [you'll get more records from me.] If you play it, you know I stay with a couple things under my sleeve, I just need some place to play 'em. Big shout-outs to Diddy, shout-outs to 50 [Cent], big shout-outs to the whole Harlem, Cam, Jim and all them." [listen here]

Mase Talks About His Return To Music


Mase ft. Drake – Best I Ever Had (remix)