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Mase A Gangsta Or Fake Pastor?

Posted By on August 24, 2009

    Tony Yayo recently reflected on the time he spent with Ma$e during his courtship by G-Unit and even spoke on how Mase was loyal to them during their war with Fat Joe years ago. [Mase Says He Would Stab Fat Joe – Watch Here] First talking about Mase and Cam'ron reuniting, Yayo says "Shout-out to Mase and all that, I think that's cool they reconciled their differences, it is what it is. That's what people wanna see now…I really can't speak on [the contact] 'cause that was 50 and Diddy thing. That was a money thing. They was negotiating some millions — they cool now. They under the same management…I like the new record they got." [Mase Says He Would Stab Fat Joe – Watch Here]

    Then Yayo goes on to talk about who Mase is, speaking about an 2005 MTV event. "I think people get confused on like, 'Is he a gangsta or a pastor?' 'Cause I've been around Mase…We was in the car [leaving the 2005 MTV VMAs] and he was like, 'If I would have had my knife, I would have stabbed Fat Joe.' To me, he was trying to impress 50…I'm seeing this coming from a pastor, so I'm like, 'Maybe he ain't no pastor.' Mase, that's my n*gga, but he just confused me sometimes." [Mase Says He Would Stab Fat Joe – Watch Here]

Ma$e – Is He A Gangsta Or A Pastor