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P. Miller Launches MentorShip Program

Posted By on February 26, 2009

    P. Miller, also know as Master P, continues his community service by launching his "P. Miller Mentorship" program. Master P's new program will try to “prepare, guide, and educate people so that they can make the right decisions.” P. Miller says “Education is the key to success in generational wealth. Without education, some of us may reach our financial goals but never truly benefit from its longevity."

    The new program will launch at schooles and businesses in L.A. and LA (the state, in New Orleans) at which P Miller will speak on his past successes an dmistakes throughout his professional and personal life. “Most of us experience short term success where we'd make some money but are not able to maintain or multiply it because we don't have the proper education nor do we have the resources. Jail houses are overcrowded and school attendance is at an all time low. The slump in the economy has caused a panic. Due to a lack of knowledge, people are afraid or simply don't know how to adjust their lifestyles, make career changes, nor start their own businesses” P says.