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Master P Breaks Down The Making Of His Biggest Hits

Posted By on March 6, 2014

Master P Breaks Down The Making Of His Biggest Hits

Master P recently chopped it up with XXL and took a look at his career over the past two decades. The mere fact that P.Miller has been in the game for over two decades, and is still dropping quality new music (Click HERE to peep his latest mixtape, “The Return Of The Ice Cream Man“) is something that should be applauded.

During the interview , the No Limit General explained how he made some of his biggest hits, and how he’s managed to stay relevant in the game.

“We was country, let’s be real,” he said during an explanation of his song “Playaz From The South.” “They thought we was just country. They didn’t worry about [us] getting money. We exposed that to the world. Country might be gold teeth. Whatever y’all wanna say, but we getting money. We getting more money than any other artist, any other company out there in the business. Cause of the bad deals they had. They had them 10 percent, 14 percent deals. We had an 80-20 deal that was unheard of. We getting money. Y’all gotta look at us different cause we getting money.”


P also weighed in on the heavy hearted, “I’m Bout’, Bout’ It”.

“ I lost so many homies to the streets, so once I put the music on, that record just came out. I’m in the middle of the projects in New Orleans. I got a chance to put what I am doing on record and that’s what came out. That energy. I wanted to represent where I am from. Who I am. My homies, my hood, and also the world. That record at that time—people wasn’t into the South like that. You had to be from the West or the East Coast to get that type of a fanbase. That record caught on on the East Coast. Caught on in the West. Caught on in the Midwest. It got people up out of they seats because people wanted to represent where they was from. I think that’s what that record did for the world.”