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Master P Claims He Funded 50 Cents First Tour

Posted By on March 12, 2014

New Orleans rapper Master P recently sat down with Vlad TV for an interview where he revealed the role he played in 50 Cent’s beginning stages of his career. Master P says he was the person who funded 50’s first tour.

According to the New Orleans native, he funded 50’s first tour which took place shortly after he released his “Wanksta” single off ‘No Mercy, No Fear’ mixtape. This was before 50 signed to Shady Records.

“To be honest with you, I was the first one to put 50 Cent on tour. I paid for his tour. His first tour,” Master P said. “Yeah, I paid for [that]. Well, he had a hot record. I had the money to put out for the tour. I put out for the tour.”

Although he funded the tour, Master P says he didn’t try to associate with 50 during that time.

“I mean, we was around each other a lot back then because I paid for the tour,” he said. “We was cool. I’ve never been a person to just hang out with people, so—like I’ve always been a loner, man. No disrespect to nobody. I just—Everybody got their own thing. We ain’t never been no groupies or nothing like that. You know? It’s like my homie when I see you ‘What’s up?’ We can do something it’s cool. I’ll go take care of money for the show and then go do what I gotta do. You know? And he was always 100, so it was cool.”

Check out the interview below: