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Master P’s Wife Claims He Is Lying About Her Drug Use

Posted By on May 1, 2014

Rapper Master P recently claimed that his estranged wife Sonya Miller has been doing drugs in front of their kids, but Sonya is now saying he is just making up lies about her to brainwash their kids against her.

According to Sonya, she is not on drugs and has never done drugs in front of their children.

“But Miller says she is not on drugs and that she’s never done drugs in front of her kids. She says she feels horrible her kids claims she’s on drugs, and feels P brainwashed them. “ (TMZ

 Last night Master P told a TMZ photographer that he is willing to give Sonya what she wanted if she got off drugs.

 “Sonya Miller is reacting to last night’s comments from her estranged husband, telling a TMZ photog he’d give her whatever she wanted in their divorce … as long as she got off drugs. “ (TMZ)

Check out the footage of Master P talking with TMZ below: