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C-Murder gets new trial

Posted By on April 7, 2004

The days are looking brighter for No Limit’s C-Murder since a judge on Tuesday ordered that he will get a new day in court after finding that prosecutors withheld potentially damaging information about witnesses in last year’s murder trial.

Corey “C-Murder” Miller, brother of rap mogul Master P, was convicted of 2nd-degree murder in September 2003 in a Louisiana courtroom. The conviction was for the Jan. 12, 2002 beating and fatal shooting of a clubgoer, Steve Thomas in Harvey, New Orleans. Two prosecution witnesses testified that Miller beat and shot Thomas.

This February, Miller’s attorneys made the request for a new trial for the 32-year old rapper. The request was based upon the claim that prosecutors failed to notify them of the prior criminal records of key prosecution witnesses and that these witnesses were given special consideration in exchange for their testimony.

One prosecution witness, Tenika Rankins, is under scrutiny as she had been convicted for theft though those convictions had been expunged from the record. Another witness, Eloise Matthews, had a shoplifting arrest on her record and did not complete a mandatory diversion program.

The new trial was granted by Judge Martha Sassone late yesterday at the Jefferson Parish courthouse. Miller and his attorney’s will once again go before Judge Martha Sassone this coming Monday and request that he be released on $2 million bail.

Prosecutor Doug Freese plans to appeal the judge’s ruling to the appellate court. He argued that defense attorneys knew during the trial that some of the witnesses had trouble with the law, but failed to cross-examine the witnesses