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Master P goes with Weed…media

Posted By on June 7, 2006

Santa Monica based record label and digital content distributor GoDigital Music Group, recently announced an innovative partnership with Shared Media Licensing (SML), creators of the Weed media file format, and Master P.

As part of their agreement, GoDigital Music Group and Shared Media Licensing will market and supply Master P’s and Romeo’s latest music to all major peer to peer networks via Weed files.

Weed is a digital rights management technology developed by Shared Media Licensing based on the Windows Media file format (.wma or wmv.). When users download a Weed enabled file they may listen to the full track up to three times prior to being prompted to purchase the track.

“Purchasing is incredibly easy,” said SML president , John Bezer via a statement. . “It takes about 15 seconds to setup a Weedshare account. You create a new username and password and we deposit $5 in your account to start so no credit card is initially required. Thereafter each time you call up a Weed file on a P2P network, or a friend sends you one over IM, you just enter your username and password and the file becomes unlocked and available for burning to a CD or listening on a portable player.”

Both GoDigital and SML are currently offering “Gutta Time” , a track from Master P’s forthcoming album America’s Most Luved Bad Guy on their official websites, www.godigitalartists.com and www.weedshare.com, respectively.

GoDigital’s website is also offering an exclusive listen to America’s Most Luved Bad Guy and Romeo’s current digital only release Lottery.

The aforementioned single, albums and Romeo’s upcoming album God’s Gift will be made available on P2P networks through Weed in the coming weeks.

“Our intent with this partnership is to introduce Master P and Romeo Weed files into all of the peer to peer networks, including BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Limewire, Kazaa and Morpheus, with the goal of creating a new link in the value chain for recorded music,” stated Jason Peterson, President of GoDigital.

” The Weed format is exceptional for two reasons. First, it can be sent from one person to the next via any available method, be it P2P, Skype, IM, email etc, and the recipient has the chance to purchase the file should they want to own it,” added Peterson. ” Second, there is an MLM component that pays the sender and the sender’s sender up to 35% of the purchase price. Everybody wins up to three generations back. If we as a record community monetize one percent of transactions on peer to peer networks it would be equivalent to a whole new iTunes.”

In related news, Master P is developing his own reality hip-hop talent show in the same vein as the wildly popular series “American Idol.” Titled “America’s Next Hip-Hop Stars,” the show will give aspiring rappers from across the country a chance to compete for a recording contract and $50,000.

Source: SOHH