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Master P & Romeo Ready Collabo CD, Drop Same Day As 50 Cent

Posted By on May 30, 2007

After exchanging subtle jabs at one another in recent weeks, 50 Cent and Master P will now face off directly as both are set to drop their latest projects on the same day.

The two have traded words in the media recently with Master P responding last week to comments that 50 Cent made directed at him during the BET Awards press conference.

50 will now release his highly anticipated album, Curtis and Master P will drop his father-son collaboration album with Romeo, Hip Hop History, both on September 4. As previously reported by SOHH, the Queens-bred rapper recently pushed back his record's release date from it's originally scheduled June 26 release in order to coincide with a simultaneous worldwide release.

"I'm an international artist. My fans worldwide deserve to receive my album at the same time as my fans here in the US. Taking that into consideration moving the album to September was a necessary course of action," said 50.

Quieting claims that the date was set up to intentionally compete with 50's release, P asserts that the shelf date for Hip Hop History was chosen in order to give fans a broader selection of music.

"This record isn't about making money, it's about providing a choice, changing, and hopefully saving lives," Master P said in a statement. "Before we condemn others for making a change, we should take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what are we doing? Are we a part of the problem or are we a part of the solution?"

Proceeds from Hip Hop History will be donated to various organizations and scholarship funds to provide underprivileged youth opportunities for higher education.