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Romeo And Master P Launch Gee Gee The Magical Giraffe Cartoon and Book Series

Posted By on May 7, 2008

    Lil Romeo may not be Lil anymore but he doesn't want to lose his young fans. Romeo plans to release a new educational children's book and cartoon with his father Master P. Their new character, Gee Gee The Magical Giraffe, will have it's own book and cartoon series and Romeo hopes to use it as a learning tool. "If you reach kids with a positive message and instill the importance of education when they're young, they'll have that mentality for the rest of their life," Romeo said. “Gee Gee is going to be a role model and teach kids trough music, books, song, dance, and animation."

    The new project will also feature Romeo's sister, Itali Miller, who will help write the books. Cartoonists Ryan Hutchinson and Olatokunbo Betiku will work on the cartoon series and Master P hopes to follow his sons example for providing alternatives to negative images. "There just aren't enough positive characters out there for our kids to look up to and learn from," said Master P. "Gee Gee is more important than any record or movie we’ve made. Romeo has inspired me to develop educational characters of my own. Instead of going into the booth to rap, I'll be in the booth lending my voice to a cartoon character that can make a difference."

    The first Gee Gee the Giraffe cartoon DVD is slated to hit stores in 2009. A Gee Gee film is scheduled to arrive in theaters that same year.