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Meek Mill Dealing With Legal Issues Over Possible Probation Violation

Posted By on March 19, 2013

One of Maybach Music Group’s finest, Meek Mill, has found himself in a bit of a legal quandary. It seems that his probation officer is taking the hard road on one of his probation stipulations. It appears that Meek may have violated one of the most common terms of probation and parole, out of state travel restrictions. As a general rule, most parolees and probationers are not allow to travel out of state without consent from their probation officer. In some cases, as with Meek Mill, the probationer must provide a detailed Itinerary of their trip to obtain approval.

In a hearing that took place this past Friday, Meek’s Probation Officer, Treas Underwood and the Assistant District Attorney, Noel DeSantis made their case in an official hearing that Meek has been traveling out of state without acquiescing to the proper protocol. The case was made that Mill often leaves the state without providing the proper information about his trip.

Mill has asserted that it is impossible to provide an accurate itinerary because it changes consistently, and he also stated that he is not in control of his own itinerary.

Meek attempted to share his perspective the matter. He says at this point, being on the road is the best thing for him because he believes that his life is in danger in his home town.

“My best thing is to stay traveling,” Meek disclosed in the two-hour hearing. “Every time I come back to Philadelphia, someone tries to shoot me or get me back in trouble.”

Traveling restrictions are one of the most common terms to be violated by probationers and parolees. How these infractions are dealt with varies from officer to officer. This could easily be a situation in which Meek could find himself behind bars once again.