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Meek Mill Sued By Former Philadelphia Police Officer

Posted By on June 17, 2014

Meek Mill was accused of having possession of weed back in 2012 in Philadelphia, but the officers found no evidence of marijuana. Meek decided to file a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia because of the false accusations and now one of the police officers has decided to file a lawsuit of his own against the MMG rapper.

According to reports, the officer is suing Meek Mill because he claims he affected his job by going after rhim in interviews.

 “In a new lawsuit, the former police officer says Meek Mill affected his job by defaming him in interviews. He says this damaged his reputation. The former officer was fired for separate allegations, but he says Meek Mill’s public comments have made it hard for him to find work.” (HipHopDX)

The former officer also claims the situation has affected his sex life.

 “The former officer also says the case “had a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.” TMZ reports that he is “misfiring in the bedroom” and that the former officer, who has not worked in a year, is suing for $750,000.” (HipHopDX)

  • Depravity

    This officer is just one in a long line of corrupted officers with NO honor and dignity.
    He can no longer harass people and I believe that was the only way he was able to find sexual arousal and gratification. It’s possible his inability to illegally incarcerate people really has left him impotent.

    Remember whenever you see police behaving suspicious – FILM THEM! It is not illegal and it’s your constitutional right to stand your ground against them. Police officers are civil servants and you have rights! Especially if you are not in suspicion of a crime – DO NOT LET POLICE INTIMIDATE YOU! FILM THE POLICE! I can’t even tell you how many people of all races I have helped by simply pressing record on my camera…NEVER let them tell you it’s illegal – IT IS NOT..and if you’re not under suspicion of a crime and they request your ID – DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM – PEOPLE LEARN YOUR RIGHTS or they will take advantage of you…FILM THE POLICE! If they tell you that they are taking your equipment as evidence let them know that they can only subpoena it and it if they take it against your will it is THEFT and you will press charges. If they tell you that you are impeding an investigation then ask them to tell you what the reasonable distance is for them to feel you are no longer in their way but THAT YOU WILL NOT LEAVE! If they arrest you prepare to sue the police department for civil rights violations! FILM THE POLICE!..

    • UnderYourSkin

      You are wrong on one point. If a criminal act takes place while you are recording, then the police can and will seize your recording device without a warrant. It is not, in fact, theft. Know your own rights and do not mis-inform others. Once seized, a warrant will be required to view the recording, unless you consent to the search of the recordings on the device (which will get your property returned to you faster than waiting for them to get a search warrant). One other thing. If you are recommending people record police activity, also recommend they do it from a safe distance/position you never know when a dangerous situation is about to happen.

      • Depravity

        No- you are wrong…stop misinforming people…They cannot take your equipment. They can only subpoena it! Your device wasn’t part of the criminal act even if one does take place. Stop lying to people – I’ve had cops try to take my camera away stating the same like you just did and guess what? COULDN’T TAKE IT once I told them I would press charges. FILM THE POLICE.

        • UnderYourSkin

          If you record a crime, your device becomes evidence. It can be seized. Press charges all you want. Here is something straight from the ACLU’s website, “In addition, it is possible that courts may approve the seizure of a camera in some circumstances if police have a reasonable, good-faith belief that it contains evidence of a crime by someone other than the police themselves (it is unsettled whether they still need a warrant to view them).”

          • Depravity

            You’re willfully ignorant. Takes a court order to take your property from you; your line it self states it. Your reading comprehension is starting to scare me. Police CANNOT steal your property on a “hunch” they need court approval to take your equipment. So yes to those of you reading this – FILM THE POLICE. UnderYourSkin reread your own quoted line a few times until you finally understand it.

          • UnderYourSkin

            OK Genius. Since my comprehension is the issue, break down my quote. And tell me where I’m wrong. Tell me exactly how anyone can misinterpret this part of the quote, “it is possible that courts may approve the seizure of a camera”. I’m not saying people can’t FILM THE POLICE. I’m saying, and I’m 100% correct, that if you film a crime, and the police believe that your device has a recording of that crime, they can lawfully seize that device. The supreme court is currently debating whether or not they can view the recording without a warrant. You need to pump the brakes a little and stop being so arrogant. Maybe do a little legal research, review some case law. Stop arguing what you believe to be the correct and learn about the legality of the issue.

          • Depravity

            it is only under exigent circumstances that police can seize cameras as evidence.

            Mainly, if the person has recorded a crime and police believe he or she may destroy that footage.

            And even then, police need to try to obtain the footage without coercion.

            Stop trolling – I will not reply to any more of your postings. You’re a propaganda monkey spewing lies.
            Well written to induce doubt but lies regardless.

            Thank you for the time you took to play the game.

            FILM THE POLICE.
            KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

          • UnderYourSkin

            You just solidified my point. Exigent circumstances. Like reasonable belief that you just recorded a criminal act. And I’m saying thay can seize the device. And I also said th eneed for a warrant is still being debated when it comes to viewing the video. I’ve cited the ACLU’s on website as a source for my correct point. What have you cited to strengthen your point other than your own misguided views of how the legality of the situation works. Yes, Film the Police and know your rights, just dont listen to Depavity. I’ve challenged you, I’ve cited sources, I’ve discussed the law and case law. Over and over again you’ve misundertstood and misstated facts. You should stick to commenting on the philly dot com site with the other high school graduates. You’ve been overmatched here. Troll that you nobody.

  • fuck the police 421

    you’re a racist ass cop who plants evidence but doesn’t think that should be public record. dont make me laugh piggy pig pig