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Meek Mill Thrown In Jail; Facing Up To Six Months Behind Bars

Posted By on July 11, 2014

Rapper Meek Mill has started his weekend off on the wrong note as reports claim the Maybach Music Group member was arrested and placed behind bars Friday (July 11).

According to reports, Meek Mill could be spending the rest of 2014 locked up due to a probation violation.

“Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is behind bars Friday night. Mill, seen in video at the scene of last weekend’s deadly fire in Southwest Philadelphia, will spend three to six months behind bars after violating his probation. He’s in custody right now. Prosecutors say they were concerned about a number of recent incidents with Mill, including posting a photo of himself with a gun.” (My Fox Philly)

Meek and his legal team tried for almost four hours to try and convince the judge not to lock him up, but the judge was not having it.

“The Philadelphia-born Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, and his lawyer Gary Silver, tried for almost four hours to convince Brinkley not to send him back to prison. Mill, 27, said his rising career in hip hop has supported him, his mother, sister and son and other friends and placed his monthly expenses at $80,000 to $90,000. “It took me 15 years to get here and this will be extremely damaging to my life,” Mill told the judge.” (Philly)

  • JB

    Be real judge, all for a fuckin pic. Young black man out here trying to live the legal way and they still fuck with him. Let that man eat. They want to stop his and other black men who is just trying to live legal cash flow, to try and make them run back to the streets and screw up and get back on that hamster wheel. Hold ya head Meek, GOD GOT YOU BROTHER!!!!!

    • TurboCadillac

      Wrote his last albums in the joint, prob come out with a fresh banger and an album’s worth of real deal mill muzik…..

    • Elijah

      Its funny how we love to turn everything into a race issue. Like everything you hear from the media, all the facts aren’t laid out there because its not everyone’s business. They did say there were other charges. Whatever they are, I’m sure this isn’t because he’s a young black man trying to come up in the streets. I did it. My ass isn’t in jail and if I were in jail, it was because I did something that put me there.

  • KG

    That’s crazy. Those “fire fighters” should ALL be locked up for being right across the street and still let all those ppl die like that. Y’all should b ashamed of y’all self putting him in jail like that for a fucking picture. INSANE

    • TurboCadillac

      I would HOPE it wasn’t just the pic, as that could be a prop gun, photoshop, etc….I’m sure there is more to it than the pic…but he comes out focused with more arsenal, I assure you…(not a personal friend, but have been side by side ripping cr125 on the back wheel only in a “disclosed location”;)

  • Tok

    They tryna do a Vybz Kartel On Meek Mill. Like they’ll try to do with everyone young rich black man out here.

  • mrgoodnessproductions

    You are a williams we have will my g we stroung YOU feel me STAY focused while you in there write some more firer come home an go ham..