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Method Man Dispels Wu-Tang Break Up Rumors

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    With rumors going around that the Wu-Tang Clan was breaking up, Method Man has came forward to say it's simply not true. "We never really split up!," Mef exclaimed in an interview. "People need to stop taking sh*t out of context. Even Ludacris, who I respect a lot, kind of upset me with a song he had where he mentioned Wu Tang broke up. No, we didn't break up! There has never been an official statement that said 'We're done' or 'I'm out.' [Before a new group album,] there's things we've got to take care of first before anybody even starts to discuss that."

    As Meth says, Ludacris actually had a part in the rumors when his "Let's Stay Together" track from lasat year's "Theater Of The Mind" album said that Wu-Tang parted ways. Rapping "First Wu-Tang broke up/Now ODB's gone," Luda helped get the rumor going. "Now I'm hearing Cam'ron don't talk to Jim Jones?/Who saw that sh*t coming/Certainly not me/Or a dog pound break up/Or Goodie MOB?/Then Shawnna almost jumped ship from DTP/If Chingy left then came back/Than d*mn it, why can't she?/We gotta think us of all for one/And one for all/Hip-Hop/United we stand divided we fall/So why is?"