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Method Man Talks About Tax Evasion Arrest

Posted By on October 7, 2009

     As we reported yesterday, Method Man was recently arrested on tax evasion charges. According to reports, Meth owes the government over thirty-two thousand dollars (not including penalties and fines) and now the Wu-Tang rapper is speaking out about the situation. [Method Man Talks Tax Evasion Charges – Watch Here]

     "I took the ghetto people route… I haven’t spoke to my CPA in like three, four years… So let’s get it clear, I didn’t get arrested for not paying, I got arrested for not filing… The taxes are paid, let’s be clear. Evading, that’s the key word," Method Man said. "I wish the media would stop saying it’s cuz I smoked it up or forgot to pay cuz I was smoking. [Laughs] That’s what happens when you make a movie called How High." [Method Man Speaks About Being Arrested – Watch Here]


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