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Method Man & Redman How to Throw a party at the Playboy Mansion

Posted By on June 19, 2006

Hip-Hop’s dynamic duo, Method Man and Redman, are poised to unleash their special brand of mayhem in Meth & Red: How to Throw a Party at the Playboy Mansion. Available on DVD July 18 from the Playboy Entertainment Group ($14.99 SRP), it’s a hilarious take on every guy’s fantasy – crashing Hugh Hefner’s pad and throwing the ultimate house party.

Everyone knows that Hef’s the original playa. But when hip-hop multi-platinum megastars Redman and Method Man decide to jump the Playboy Mansion fence to throw a hot party for themselves and a few hundred of their closest friends, it’s an outrageous never-before-seen look into Hef’s world. The Dynamic Duo, Funk Doc and Mr. Meth explore the mansion grounds, referee a skins vs. skins tennis match, hot box chronic in the sauna, get down in the grotto, and instigate a Jell-O wrestling tournament between some of the ladies at the ultimate Playboy Mansion party. Watch old school meet new school in this freaky-deaky comedy! Hef’s crib has never seen a party like this – and neither have you!