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Migos Speaks On Two Chainz Diss

Posted By on June 5, 2014

Atlanta’s own Migos recently spoke with MTV and one of the topics that came up was fellow ATLien Two Chainz. Apparently the guys feel Chainz disrespected them on his recent song “Trap Back“.

“And just mentioning the Migos’ name as a supposed to be OG in the game, we feel like you’re supposed to be giving us [knowledge] or acknowledge us instead of doing that,” Offset said. “We [don’t even] got a song with you. So, that ain’t how we rock though. We just don’t rock like that.”


When asked about the true origin of their flow, the group responded by saying:

“Actually, the origins—I just seen on Instagram where the origins, they looking for it in the bottom of Africa,” Quavo said. “So, he can’t determine the origin. I see researchers looking for it in Africa right now.”


Full interview below:


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