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Mike Jones On Gimmicks

Posted By on January 26, 2007

After the success of his platinum selling debut Who Is Mike Jones? the Houston phenom is back, prepping the release of his follow up album and a movie chronicling his rise to fame.

The album entitled The American Dream is set for a May release and will feature guest appearances from a host of artists including Trey Songz, T.I., Bobby Brown, Pimp C, Latoya Luckett and Lil' Mo, among others. The H-Town rapper, who credits his grandmother for his slogan, "Who Is Mike Jones," is admittedly experimenting with this album and is eager to prove wrong everybody who thought that he was strictly a gimmick.

"People think that 'Who? Mike Jones' was a fluke, it was just a brand thing," Jones said in an exclusive interview with SOHH. "With this [album], it's me really experiencing my sound. I got a lot more R&B type songs on here, but I still got street shit on there. On the R&B songs, I'm not rapping the same. I'm coming with a harmonizing flow. It's still a lot of stuff on here from the first album too. I'm back to writing about bling and candy paint and the things I know, it's just that this album is what the first one should have been."

The album will be accompanied by a movie of the same name which documents the rapper's struggle to make it in the music industry. "When you watch the movie, it'll motivate you. It's basically how I went from a zero to a hero. How when I was on the grind, trying to get DJs to play my song they'd look at me and be like, 'who are you?' That's where the 'who? Mike Jones' came from. People breaking my CDs and all that," he laments. "You'll see the hard work. It's sort of like [Will Smith's] The Pursuit of Happyness. He went through a lot but he got where he was trying to go."

Jones also commented on his relationship with the Michael "5000" Watts and Swishahouse, which he is no longer a part of. "It just came to a point where we had different views," he explains. "We still do business together. They're not going to bash me and I'm not going to bash them. It's just mainly me now. There's no beef though. I'm doing me and they're doing them."

Having gained recognition from his numerous appearances on Swishahouse mixtapes, Jones also sees a negative change in the mixtape culture in the South since DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon were arrested. "It froze a lot of stuff up. A lot of people are scared," he says. "I think it was just somebody hating on Drama and hopefully it will all blow over. It only takes one snitch."