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Chingy – Fulldekk Fullosiphy

Posted By on May 13, 2014

1. Intro
2. Money Disease (Prod. By Sham God Tracks)
3. Still (Prod. by TBurns)
4. M.C.- WTF (Prod by. Vega Heartbreak)
5. On The Grind Feat. Lil Bit & Mr. 915 (Prod. By Sham God Tracks)
6. All Year Round Feat. Vega & M.C. (Prod by. Vega Heartbreak)
7. Interlude
8. Water To Her Fire Feat. Soulo (Prod. by TBurns)
9. Vega- Bad Habbits (Prod by. Vega Heartbreak)
10. Lil Bit & Mr. 915- NBA Jam (Prod. by Swiff J)
11. Jus Swift- They Don’t Really Want It (Prod. by Swift)
12. Hello Feat. Soulo (Prod. by TBurns)
13. Soulo- Erase The Pain (Prod. by Bradd)
14. Damn Girl (Prod. by Swift)