Sean Brown


1. Round of Applause Feat. Raheem Marvel (Prod. by Sean Brown )
2. Mascot (Prod. by Sean Brown)
3. Switch Up The Flow Feat. Toestah (Prod. by King Dave)
4. Ok Whatup (Prod. by Sean Brown)
5. For Life Feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Prod. by Ned Cameron)
6. 100 Thousand (Prod. by Sean Brown)
7. Over Water Feat. Ana Lou (Prod. by Sean Brown & D Minor)
8. Machine Feat. Jarell Perry (Prod. by Sean Brown)
9. Regret (Prod. by Sean Brown)
10. Super High Feat. Ana Lou (Prod. by Sean Brown)
11. Good Ol Days Feat. Gerald Walker & Mann (Prod. by Sean Brown)
12. Alive (Prod. by Lewi V)
13. Me Myself and I (Prod. by Sean Brown)
14. WTF Feat. Kid Ink (Prod. by KB)
15. First Day (Prod. by Lewi V)
16. Ay Yi Yi Feat. Laso (Prod. by Eric Vargas)
17. Family On The Table (Prod. by Ozhora Miyagi)

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