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Prodigy Talks Secret Nas Collaborations

Posted By on April 21, 2011

     After recently ending his long-time fued with Nas, Mobb Deep's own Prodigy has hinted at a few stashed away new collaborations fans can look forward to. Prodigy explains the motivation behind patching things up following his three year jail bid.

"We had a real long, interesting conversation about the future and how we want to move forward with our music, just everything like that. But mostly about how we need to put our little bullsh*t aside, and how our music is more important than any of that bullsh*t that we were going through. Right away, we sent him the song 'Dog Sh*t' that we had did, and he got on it, and it's coming out crazy. We did a couple of other songs with him that we haven't put out yet." (Complex)


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