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50 Tries To Get Prodigy Out Of Prison Early

Posted By on June 29, 2009

    Long time Mobb Deep associate Nyce recently talked about the imprisoned Mobb Deep member Prodigy saying that 50 Cent is trying to get P out of prison by the end of the year. [watch here] Although he didn't get into specifics, Nyce did say that the G-Unit leader was doing his best to get Prodigy out early. "Shout-out to Fif because that's why I love him so much," Nyce said. [watch here] "A lot of people think that Fif is such a bad guy, he a bad guy because he hates you. He's a real good dude and right now he's trying to get P out a little bit earlier like December, January. And I'm really thankful for that 'cause P is the chain that keeps the bike moving. So I definitely respect him for that. I grew up with Fif, [Lloyd] Banks and [Tony] Yayo." [watch here]

    In related news, Mobb Deep DJ The Alchemist recently talked about Prodigy saying that they are staying busy even with him in prison. "In all actuality, I am actually putting beats on cassettes and sending them to P," Al revealed in an interview. "P made a couple of power moves and he got himself a hold of some paper and he wrote…there's a good chance that he'll still have them when he's released. Anybody who's that interested [with the beats] will just have to wait until the god P comes home and then we'll see what happens. But just know that music doesn't stop. We have telephones and paper and communication and he's writing and I'm making the beats and you can pretty much gurantee that we're going to make some pretty good sh*t. We're both conscious of what we've already made and we're not going to make the same sh*t. We're both staying working and it's nothing. The world ain't ready." [watch here]

Nyce Says 50 Cent Is Trying To Get Prodigy Out Of Prison Soon