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Mobb Deep Almost Die

Posted By on October 26, 2006

A plane carrying rappers Mobb Deep, 40 Glocc and Sam Scarfo was forced to make an emergency landing early Saturday morning (Oct. 21) after flames and smoke started to shoot out one of the transport's engines.

After missing a connecting flight to Chile, the group of rappers caught a Delta flight, which was to take them to Chile for a number of shows.

"Almost an hour into the flight, the plane began dropping and rising and dropping again, soon after which passengers noticed flames and smoke pouring out of one of the engines," a press statement read.

Afterward, a pilot revealed that one of the engines had ceased to function and that the flight would land into Tampa, Fla., amidst an emergency. According to the rappers, the pilot stressed that the occupants "buckle up and not panic."

Tampa Fire Rescue was dispatched to meet Delta Flight 147, after one of the engines exploded while the plane was mid-air, en route from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile.

The plane safely landed around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday (Oct. 21) on a Tampa airstrip with a number of fire trucks and ambulances present.

"All I can say is God was on our side," Havoc told AllHipHop.com of the incident. "It could [have] turned out the opposite way! It makes you look at many things in perspective."

If the plane had traveled 45 more minutes, the flight may have had to land in the Atlantic ocean.

40 Glocc, a rapper signed to Mobb Deep's Infamous Records, said it wasn't yet time for them to go.

"Mobb Deep, Sam Scarfo, 40 Glocc–we ain't going nowhere. We got a lot of unfinished business to handle," said Glocc, who plans to release the third installment of his Outspoken mixtape series in the near future.

The rappers all returned to New York instead of going to Chile as planned.

Dates for the group's remaining international dates have yet to released.

Their scheduled tour included stops in England, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Germany and France.