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Prodigy Talks Security & Protection As An Artist

Posted By on January 22, 2008

Security and protection in the music industry, especially Rap & Hip Hop, is a big issue. Mobb Deep's Prodigy says he doesn't keep security around simply because he doesn't hang out with strangers. Some artists even carry firearms to which Prodigy said, "It be a bunch of bullsh– we have to deal with," "I'll speak for myself: I don't like new people around me. I don't trust people. … I don't want nobody to know where I live, I don't want nobody to know my movements. A lot of people feel like that. I got a Porsche — 50 bought us Porsches. I can't fit security in my car! Maybe they can fit in another car, then you gotta pay for another car."

Prodigy, like G-Unit's 50 Cent, bulletproofs his vehicle. His Suburban came to over $120,000 once he armored it. "A lot of my friends got murdered [in their cars]. … What the f— I look like riding in a regular car [when] Yayo, Banks, 50 and everybody got bulletproof trucks? So I'm gonna be the one to get killed? No, [I bought] a bulletproof truck too. … My man E-Money Bags got killed in his car. Big, Pac, my man Stretch out in Hollis."

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