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Saigon and Mobb Deep fight at Music Showcase in NY

Posted By on September 20, 2007

Pandemonium broke out during a music showcase at club SOB’s in New York
City last night (September 19) after an exchange of words between
Saigon and Prodigy of Mobb Deep turned physical. Although details are
sketchy, a video posted on YouTube this morning clearly shows Saigon
and his crew arguing onstage with Mobb Deep and their entourage.
Seconds later, a scuffle ensues and Saigon is seen punching Prodigy
twice in the face as both crews jump into the mix. Saigitty is later
seen running out of the venue with his crew in tow. In an early morning
blog posting on his MySpace page, Saigon explains that the altercation
stemmed from disparaging comments Prodigy made about him during an
interview earlier this year. When Prodigy was asked what he thought of
up and coming MCs like Saigon he replied, “I don’t like him [Saigon]. I
don’t like nobody really. I’m biased. I only like Mobb Deep shit.
Everybody else could suck my dick.” In the blog post, Sai also notes
that the reason he ran out of SOB’s after the confrontation was because
he felt he lost the upper hand and him and his crew were clearly
outnumbered. “I had already rocked Prodigy, it was time to dip up outta
there,” Sai wrote. “Shout out to Big Chris for the human shield
technique, he said, ‘You got em, lets go,’ and we went.”

I heard theres a video for this and we'll try and get it up soon as its out.