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Mos Def Challenges Jay-Z & Lil Wayne To A Battle

Posted By on April 6, 2009

    Mos Def recently challened everyone from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne to Beanie Sigel to a battle and even promises that he will win. [watch here]. Standing outside with his people while in Detroit, Mos said he would be willing to take part in a rap battle pay-per-view event. [watch here]

    "You really think that Jay and Weezy can beat me," Mos asked in a video. [watch here]"It will never happen. None of them. Whoever. Listen, n*ggas I like, I love Freeway, but come get the money if you think you can. Beans, I love him….Whatever, I'm taking the money back to Brooklyn. I'm taking the money back to Brooklyn. Jay is the best out. I'm taking the ring and I'm taking the belt right back." [watch here]

Mos Def Challenges Lil Wayne & Jay-Z To Battle