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Mos Def Defends Kanye; Blasts Jay Leno

Posted By on September 21, 2009

    Well Kanye West isn't alone when it comes to his Video Music Awards controversy. "Can I be real with you for a minute?," Mos asked a crowd of fans. "Kanye West is my friend, my brother…This motherf*cker ain't kill nobody, ain't take nobody money, he ain't slap that girl. He expressed a sentiment that she was sitting at home feeling, probably. He ain't do it at an appropriate time but he apologized for that…Leave my man alone. He's at least done something good to make you feel good…So this energy right here is for my brother, Kanye West. Don't none of y'all motherf*ckers rock with him if you think he this, think he that. I'm rocking with him…When they start kicking on me like that, I hope somebody on a national platform says 'That's my motherf*cking man.' [Mos Def Defends Kanye West For VMA Stunt – Watch Here]

     Mos finishes up by blasting talk show host Jay Leno for using Kanye's
deceased mother in a question during an interview last week. "Jay Leno, with your banana boat face having a**, you need to apologize to Kanye West for having him with his mother [would say], what she would think, she would think she'd need to smack your f*cking banana face-having a** face off trying to be slick…" [Mos Def Blasts Jay Leno For Kanye Question – Watch Here]

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