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MTV Explains Their Hottest Emcees

Posted By on August 24, 2009

    MTV is holding their "Hottest MCs" show slash poll slash discussion slash show again. They posted a poll on their website allowing fans to vote for the top ten which they will then take to their show and review. [Sway Explains MTV's Hottest MC List – Watch Here] "For the criteria, we factor in the following: How the MC’s words penetrate on the mic: Can their lyrics stab hearts, does their flow enthrall you? Obviously we look at how they implement their talent with the quality of music as well. The music is always primary, but not the only aspect of a Hot MC. We look at their success, both musical and entrepreneurial: Do they sell albums, singles and ringtones? Do they top the charts? Are their records heavily spun on the airwaves? Do they have businesses that flourish? Have they put other MCs in the game? Do companies clamor to get them to endorse products?" Sway Says. [Sway Explains MTV's Hottest MC List – Watch Here]

     He continued saying that there is one more thing that will impact the winning rapper. "And finally, there’s the intangible, impact: Of course you can look at metrics such Google hits, Twitter followers and YouTube views — which we do — but do these MCs move the needle on the culture? Can the mere mention of their names start conversations? Do they start trends? How much do they get fans engrossed? What’s their buzz? Keep in mind though, these are the main factors. When the Hip-Hop Brain Trust sits down, passion over a certain issue or artists will ultimately determine who ranks where," Sway says. [Sway Explains MTV's Hottest MC List – Watch Here]

Sway Explains MTV's Hottest MCs List