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Kanye & Lil Mama Boost VMA Ratings

Posted By on September 15, 2009

     This year's MTV Video Music Awards had many memorable moments which helped the network's ratings sky rocket. With an outbust by Kanye West and a stage take over by Lil Mama, the 2009 version of the VMAs had significant increases in viewers of all ranges. [Kanye West Jacks Taylor Swift At VMAs – Watch Here]

     Overall the Video Music Awards took in over twenty-seven million viewers on MTV, MTV2 and VH1, up 17 percent from the 23 million who tuned in on MTV and MTV2 last year. Averaging more than 11 million total viewers, this years show was up 21 percent from last year's 9.1 million, the largest audience for the show since 2002. On MTV itself, the VMAs averaged just under 9 million viewers, the largest since 2004 and up 6 percent from last year's 8.43 million. Online, MTV.com logged 2.7 million unique visitors a 20 percent increase over the 2008 VMA, with 1.7 million unique visitors viewing VMA content, a 24 percent increase over last year, making it the best in MTV.com's history. [Lil Mama Jumps On Stage During Jay-Z Set – Watch Here]

Kanye West – Steals Stage From Taylor Swift @ VMAs


Jay-Z, Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (VMAs) – Lil Mama Jumps On Stage