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MTV Writer Defends Their Hottest List

Posted By on October 22, 2009

    MTV writer Shaheem Reid recently talked about the backlash has has been getting over the 2009 "Hottest MCs In The Game" list, saying the Top 10 emcees compilation was not meant to diss any artists who did not make the cut. According to Reid, fans should keep in mind that the list is just an opinion-based list, not an official ranking. [MTV Writer Defends Their Hottest MCs List – Watch Here]

    "The list is worldwide and that's just what we wanted to do, man," Reid said in an interview. "Every year we do the list, it's our personal opinions collectively at the table, and a lot of people chime in, fans across the board from all over the world… It's great that we have a platform where we can talk about hip-hop from people like Drake that doesn't even have an album out, people like Jay-Z — people like Raekwon the Chef who is a legend coming back. It's about hip-hop — we love all the feedback, negative, positive, we just like to have the conversation…When you do a list like that, it's no right, it's no wrong. It's just opinion-based…We not trying to diss anybody, I love the dialog." [Shaheem Reid Says MTVs List Is Just An Opinion – Watch Here]

MTV Writer – Speaks On Hottest MCs List