Nas Mid-Career Crisis: No More Solo (Video)

Nas Mid-Career Crisis: No More Solo (Video)

      Rap vet Nas recently spoke about how he considered retiring as a solo artist and only focussing on the collaborations.

"Sometimes, you can approach a record and can think, I got to take care of this person and I got to take care of that person, but you really got to take care of you," Nas explained in an interview. "I look at Michael Jackson, and before he passed away, I can only imagine the pressure he had to live up to for the next Moonwalk. And the reality is physically, he wasn't able to live up to that. I would have loved to see him come up with the next level, without even dancing, just using his creativity. It's all about evolving and that's what I want to do, evolve. I been so caught up into me and [Damian's] thing that I started to get used to it. Like, I didn't want to do the solo thing for a while. Me and D have just been doing our thing, reaching millions of people, but it's that time." (MTV)

Nas – Talks Not Wanting To Do The Solo Thing


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