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Nas Starts Recording New Album

Posted By on January 10, 2013

It seems like light years ago since Nasir Jones dropped Illmatic, an album that many consider to be one of the most thought invoking and culturally influential rap albums to ever be released. Just months after releasing his “Life Is Good” album in July of 2012, Nas has announced that he is back in the studio working on his 12th album. According the “Associated Press” Nas has confirmed that after a successful release of his eleventh album “Life Is Good”, which has been nominated for best Rap Album for the 2013 Grammy Awards, he is back in the studio to start working on the next album.

Nas says that he is in the right zone to begin his next project, basically, he is in a zone and he wants to flow off of the momentum that the 2012 album release created. The album was classic Nas sharing the personal side of his life as he engages life after his divorce from ex-wife, singer Kelis. The song “Daughters”, released as a single is also nominated in the best song category of the Grammy’s as well.

In an interview with the “AP”, Nas talked about his last album being therapeutic and cathartic as he dealt with the transitional issues that were taking place in his life. He talked about the possible tension between he and his daughter because of the release of the song “Daughters”. He says that he believes that his daughter gave him a pass on the song, but she is definitely not a fan of it.

Nas has not given any true indication of what this next album will bring to his fans, but they can rest assured that it will be something worth picking up.