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Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives Pushed Back

Posted By on January 22, 2010

   The upcoming highly anticipated colab album by Nas and Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" has been pushed back from its March release. The news comes on the same day that their rumored first single "Strong Will Continue" leaked onto the internet. Distant Relatives is now planning to drop on April 20th (totally dude 4-20)

   Nas believes with this project it will help lead to more humanitarian efforts across the world. Spreading the karma, peace and love idea that Damians father Bob Marley believed in so much.

“You, me[Nas], Damian, people out there — we’re all a human family, .. What we’re talking about on this record is nothing too new; people know about political corruption in Africa and so many different things going on out there in the continent, but what we do is come together and make music. I think the topics can be related to by people in Sweden, by people in Germany, by people in China — because we’re all human; we all go through craziness. I want to build whatever we can build [from the profits]. We can build schools, states, hospitals. I mean, we want to give our whole heart.”

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