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Nas Discusses The Possibility Of Making “Illmatic 2”

Posted By on January 29, 2014

Nas Discusses The Possibility Of Making “Illmatic 2”

If you haven’t heard Nas “Illmatic” album, wake the hell up! It’s easily one of the most classic hip hop albums of all time. While being interviewed by Vibe, Nas spoke about the possibility of creating “Illmatic 2″

“[I] thought about it before,” Nas says during an interview with VIBE Magazine. “I definitely thought about that, but it has to flow. It has to be natural. I can work on that and then if I don’t like it, I’ma scrap it. I have to feel it, man. It got to be honest.”

During an interview in 2012, the rapper discussed the meaning behind one of the many stand out tracks on the album, “One Love”.

“When I was writing that record I had a friend who was in jail and the way he ended the letter I would be like ‘sincerely’ [or] whatever,” Nas said at the time. “[Instead] it was ‘one love.’ People were saying, ‘One love’ everywhere so it was, ‘One love’ just felt strong. And I wrote the song as letters to friends of mine that were locked up…Q-Tip produced it and Q-Tip is so talented and I’m such a big fan of A Tribe Called Quest and all they albums that I felt like he brought such a jazz, but yet another vibe to the whole meaning of a hardcore song. Yes, it was written letters to guys in jail but the vibe of [the] music was just real smooth.”

Check out Nas discussing “Illmatic 2” below: