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Nas & Sade Track Was Set To Be A Single

Posted By on February 4, 2010

     Record Producer Salaam Remi recently said that a Nas and renowned singer Sade have worked together in the past (nearly 10 years ago) for a track for her "Loevers Rock" album. According to Remi, the record was supposed to be a single for the album. "If you have a Nas and Sade record, everybody wants to hear it," Salaam said in an interview.

     "It's Sade's 'Lovers Rock' remix has Nas on it and that was going to be a single but they decided not to put it out. They put out the live album because the tour was where they were. It was done, that was 2001. And that was right when I was doing my first production with him, when I did 'What Goes Around' for Stillmatic, during those same sessions, we did it. It was done, mixed. They have it, maybe they'll throw it on the B-Side for the next single or something. Maybe."

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