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Nas Speaks On Kanye West And Drake’s New Sneaker Deals

Posted By on February 28, 2014

Nas Speaks On Kanye West And Drake’s New Sneaker Deals

Nas recently joined the trend of artist getting in to the corporate world as he launched his own sneaker venture and now he has shared his thoughts on Drake and Kanye West making moves with giant brand like Adidas and Jordan.

According to Nas, when it comes to big artist like a Drake or Kanye it only makes sense to joint major brands.

 “That’s what we do. That is what we are all about. If those sneakers come out and kill, it just shows how much hip-hop guys love their shoes. Hip-hop guys should be behind the design of sneakers.” (Complex)

Nas also spoke on the reason for him getting into the sneaker business.

 “Everybody was already doing all those other things and those things have those guys’ signatures on them. We can all open sneaker stores, but who is going to care enough to do it? Everybody in the country, outside the country, loves sneakers. For me, it was something I wanted to do a long time ago; even before I met Nick. Nick was already doing his thing in the business, so the timing was just perfect.” (Complex)