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Nas Is Waiting On Hip Hop To Catch Up

Posted By on April 2, 2010

     Nas recentlyt alked about being today's rap veteran and how he feels about rap newcomers. According to the Queens rapper, its important to keep relationships with new rappers. "Where do I see myself, I'm waiting for the rap game to catch up," Nas said during a press conference. "Not to sound arrogant, that's just a generational thing. When the young guys come out, they hit me on the BlackBerry, real rap and it's love because they can tell I love them. And it's just like, we're speaking from different perspectives so that's why they appreciate the older stuff and kinda like it, or the guys that's older than them because they can see where their future might be. But meanwhile, they're reinventing the game from the early stage from a young stage."

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