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Nas Speaks On The Philadelphia Eagles Decision To Release DeSean Jackson

Posted By on April 7, 2014

Rap veteran Nas recently chimed in on the release of ex-Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson due to allegedly begin affiliated with a gang on Bill Maher’s talk show.

While talking with Maher, Nas questions who the “gang sign-ologist” is in the NFL who decides who is in a gang or not.

 “I just want to know, who is the gang sign-ologist in the NFL? I didn’t know they had Crips and Bloods on payroll to determine what signs were. If he gives a pass for Riley Cooper for saying [the N-word] on the same team, then he’s foul. The coach is foul.” (“Real Time w/ Bill Maher“)

Atlanta rapper T.I. also spoke on the situation recently.

“That wasn’t smart Philadelphia. How do you send arguably your best player to your, one of your biggest rivals? I don’t understand that. But if the argument was his association with people of his past and him being from the ghetto, I don’t think he had any control over where he lived. If he could have lived in Beverly Hills, I think he would have back then.” (“Arsenio“)

Check out Nas‘ interview below: